The Art of Letting Go

What would happen right now if you decided to let go of your past? What would happen if you just made up your mind that you will no longer continue to live in the state that you are in? REALLY…WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN? I’ll tell you this, letting go is the start of […]

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Start Over!

In order to complete the puzzle you must first START! -Unrazzled Life . . “Okay I’ve got this! I’ve carefully planned out everything. It seems everything is in order, Yes! I got the site up and running, I’ve got the proper paperwork in place, Yes! I feel good about this venture! It’s going to be […]

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What is life when you are constantly hiding behind a mask. What is life when you feel like you can’t be yourself. What is life when you must pretend…You are living a filtered life. In today’s post I want to chat with you about living an UNFILTERED life. We live in a world where social […]

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Be Prepared!

  Hey ladies, what are you doing to prepare for the upcoming year? Well…I’ll tell you that I am excited about some things GOD has placed within me and I can’t wait to unleash it in 2018. How many of you gals are powered up about what the new year has to bring 😊? Well […]

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Pink Is Power!

When I started my blog, I decided that I didn’t want it to look like your average blog site.  I just felt like my blog needed more color, more life, and it needed to be unique.  It needed to connect with my readers on another level so I came up with my own theme. I […]

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Be An Overcomer!!

“I AM NOT ENOUGH!” “I AM NOT PRETTY ENOUGH!” “MY LIFE IS IN SHAMBLES!” “I CAN’T DO IT!” “I WILL FAIL!” What’s stated above may be identifiable with many people. But the real question is, “Why do we feel these things? Why does it make more sense sometimes to accept the negative things that we […]

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Okay ladies, while I’m just sitting here basking in the lovely scenery at my local park, gazing at the sky with my laptop in front of me, I’m overly excited about the things I want to share with you. I decided since this is my first post–lets talk about “PURPOSE”. “PURPOSE” means “the reason for which […]

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