Okay ladies, while I’m just sitting here basking in the lovely scenery at my local park, gazing at the sky with my laptop in front of me, I’m overly excited about the things I want to share with you. I decided since this is my first post–lets talk about “PURPOSE”. “PURPOSE” means “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists; have as one’s intention or objective”. Just looking at this meaning I thought about so many things but the most important thing that stood out to me was the part that states “for which something EXISTS”. So now let’s look at the word “EXIST”. Have you ever heard someone say, “You are not living just Existing”? Well so have I and I have never really grasp the concept of this statement until now. I asked myself how can you “EXIST” and not “LIVE”? It didn’t make any since to me because the two words go hand in hand. To “EXIST” means to “LIVE”. Now let’s look once again at the meaning of “PURPOSE: “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists; have as one’s intention or objective”. Many individuals wake up feeling empty inside , feeling hopeless, and worthless because they think that they have no purpose in life. When you feel this way about life you basically become dead to yourself  meaning you exist physically but mentally you are not living. If you are not living mentally is it okay to say that one is not living at all. YES, YES it is okay! Speaking from past experience, I know this all to well. But listen,  your purpose in life may not be to be the next multi-billionaire or the next big super star but God desires you to have a joyful, ambitious, meaningful life. Just because things are not going your way doesn’t mean you have to give up on living life to its absolute fullest. Test and trails come but they don’t last. Ask God for purpose and expect Him to give it to you. Dig into God’s word. The primary way God speaks to us is through the Bible. For so long I have wondered what my purpose in life is and through my faith in God and my willingness to live again I found the answer. And now I’m here, writing, empowering, and encouraging YOU. Everything I do in this life I want it to have “PURPOSE”. CHECK THIS OUT: I know what my ultimate “PURPOSE is which is WHY I “EXIST”. My “PURPOSE” for creating “Unrazzled Life” is to empower and encourage women from all walks of life. Doing this not only lets me know that I “EXIST” but that I am “LIVING”. “LIVING” and “EXISTING” to inspire YOU while representing my creator and His PURPOSE for my life.



Unrazzled Life


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