Pink Is Power!


When I started my blog, I decided that I didn’t want it to look like your average blog site.  I just felt like my blog needed more color, more life, and it needed to be unique.  It needed to connect with my readers on another level so I came up with my own theme. I spoke about being in a dark place one time in my life, in another post and I never want to be in that place again, so I decided that my life will never have darkness again-with the exception of sleeping, prayer, a night sky, etc…I think you guys get it 😊. LOL! I tried many colors, but pink was the perfect fit.

When you see pink what comes to mind first? Is it the word “pretty”? Is it the saying “sugar and spice and all things nice”? Well yeah that does come to mind but for some reason pink stood out. Not as pretty but as POWERFUL and BOLD. I know what you’re thinking, how can pink be so powerful? I remember in April 1994 Hillary Clinton wore a pink sweater suit during her first-ever press conference as First Lady. This conference will be forever known as the “pretty in pink press conference”. She stood there fierce and empowered as she spoke on the issues women face every day. Wearing Pink was a BOLD move and her wearing a pink suit was the start of something special. She wore pink in representation of women across America and women in other countries as well. This was a POWERFUL statement. I was not able to find the designer but I’m sure it was probably from a top designer in the industry. Hilary has been seen in different shades of pink throughout the years.



More recently I like to shine my light on Solange Knowles. We all know her style is out of this world gorgeous. Solange doesn’t mind taking fashion risks which is why I admire her fashion sense, but I also know that behind her fashion there is a story to be told. Her style changed drastically throughout the years and on her 30th birthday I remembered her writing a post on her past struggles in life and how she became the woman she is today.

Solange wrote a song on her album, “A seat at the Table”, called “Cranes in the Sky” and just listening to the words she addresses her past struggles, struggles that women experience every day. In her video she wore several pieces that were to die for and for every scene in the video she wore these pieces to make statements, many of which were shades of pink. One piece that stood out to me was the pink puffy sweater. The sweater was a BOLD and POWERFUL statement, exactly like Hillary’s pink sweater suit.



I remember wanting to buy the sweater, but I couldn’t find it at ASOS, ZARA, or H&M. LOL! I wanted to know more about the sweater, so I did a little research and found out that the sweater was created by a 30-year-old German textile designer Nadine Goepfert as part of her collection “The Garments May Vary”, a selection of clothes made from materials that record the movements of their wearers. The garments change form, structure, and color through ordinary usage. INTERESTING right?! It makes sense as to why someone like Solange would want to wear it for this video. Not only is it interesting but it’s EMPOWERING! How many of you ladies are in the process of changing form or structure in your everyday, ordinary life?

Many people may not recognize things that seem so small like colors and the power they have on your mood, your mind, even your life but it means a lot to me which is why I decided to go with pink for my blog theme as well as for my t-shirt line. The square of pink each woman is centered in-front of in my theme represents self-love. Whenever you love yourself you are powerful and ready to take on any challenge life throws your way. THINK IT!, BELIEVE IT!, SPEAK IT!  PINK IS POWER!




Unrazzled Life


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