Be Prepared!



Hey ladies, what are you doing to prepare for the upcoming year? Well…I’ll tell you that I am excited about some things GOD has placed within me and I can’t wait to unleash it in 2018. How many of you gals are powered up about what the new year has to bring 😊? Well while I patiently wait I decided to get some things in order and do some things I’ve never really thought about doing. “In order to get something you never had you have to do something you’ve never done” and with that being said I just have a list of a few things I am doing to better prepare.

  1. I bought an Agenda/Planner and Color Ink Pens for coding
  2. Completing a Vision Board for me and my mini me (Details coming soon)
  3. Journaling
  4. Organizing
  5. Eating healthier
  6. Planning trips
  7. Working on my craft
  8. Adding more color to my life
  9. Daily Affirmations


I don’t consider these New Year’s resolutions just preparations for the upcoming year. While I prepare I am constantly praying and reading my bible. When I think about everything that must be done I am a little fearful but hey we are all human but I am confident in knowing GOD is going to Guide my footsteps which is why I am going to continue to think, believe, and speak positivity over my life, and you should too. I am aware that I can’t possibly prepare for everything because I don’t know what 2018 is going to bring. I do know what I want and I am a firm believer that God is going to grant it. I am ready to take action and work hard.

Nothing comes without hard work so while you wait, PREPARE. Make sure you focus on where you are as well as pray for wherever GOD is leading you. HE is about to shake some things up in your life!


Dear Heavenly father,

 I humbly come to you in prayer asking that you guide each and every heart that sees this post. I ask that you cast out any strongholds in their lives and make them whole again. I ask that you cover them day to day so that they can fulfill their destiny’s. I ask that every spirit of procrastination, fear, negativity, anger, dysfunction, poverty, generational curses, confusion, depression, suicidal thoughts, loneliness, anxiety, be cast out right now. In this new year, 2018, I ask that you give each and every one of them wisdom, knowledge, and creativity. Guard their minds and their hearts. Renew their minds and their hearts. In JESUS name I humbly pray, AMEN


Unrazzled Life






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