Start Over!


In order to complete the puzzle you must first START!

-Unrazzled Life



“Okay I’ve got this! I’ve carefully planned out everything. It seems everything is in order, Yes! I got the site up and running, I’ve got the proper paperwork in place, Yes! I feel good about this venture! It’s going to be a success!”




6 months later…




“What did I do wrong, what did I miss, this was supposed to work! I was sure this was it! Everything seemed in place so why didn’t this work?! What am I going to do now! I can’t quit so I must START OVER!




How does the scenario above relate to you? Have you ever been in a situation where you thought you had everything figured out and then BOOM….you must START OVER. Trust me I know this all too well, in fact there are many others who either has experienced this at some point in life or they are experiencing it right now. When you feel as though you have a good thing going such as a job, a relationship, a business venture, or even a situation where you are relocating, there are often times when you have to start the process all over for whatever reason. Just to name few:

1.The business venture may have fell through.

2.You were laid off a job you really loved.

3.You can’t see eye to eye with a person you are in a relationship with.


Whatever the situation maybe many have found that giving up is the best result than just starting over. Well today I want to encourage others on why they should Start Over and not give up. Many people don’t want to start over because they feel like they have invested so much time and energy into a thing and if it didn’t work then it sure won’t work again. Many feel like it’s just to much to handle and they just want to move on with life, but in all reality it is really lack of FAITH that is keeping them from pushing forward and lack of faith is what it all boils down to. They may lack faith in themselves and even lack faith in God. To have faith is to have complete trust or confidence in someone or something. To have faith also means to have strong trust and confidence in God. You must believe that God is going to guide you through every process. According to the bible in James 2:26 it states, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also”. If faith without works is dead then works without faith is dead as well. I honestly feel that lack of works reveals an unchanged life or a spiritually dead heart. You see each time we must start over there should be some type of change within ourselves or some type of learning experience from that prior process. You can’t start over with the same mindset you had during the prior process and you must take what you learned and apply it to the new process.


If you were in a love relationship that turned out to be full of disloyalty and toxicity once you get out of it and another opportunity presents itself, you will be a little fearful of being in another relationship because you feel as though it will be the exact same way as the last. Naturally, many people build a wall around their hearts when its comes to love relationships if they have been hurt but you must remove that wall at some point and be open to start anew. If you go through life with a hardened heart when it comes to love relationships, then you will probably keep attracting the same type of mate as before because you are expecting for them to be like the last mate. You may also end up all alone. The baggage from the last relationship should not be carried into your new relationship. Instead the lessons learned in that bad relationship should equip you for the next relationship. Your mindset should be different, your heart, and your soul. You should be more wiser and stronger. I’m not saying that if you are equipped with everything the new relationship is going to be a breeze, but it will be better because you now understand what it takes to have a healthy, happy relationship, especially if God has a hand in it. Don’t be afraid to START OVER! Take some time and work on you but never give up.


If you are a person who wants to start a business you must understand that you may have to start over maybe once, twice, or even three times but you can’t throw in the towel when you feel like things are not working out. No one ever said that starting a business would be easy but if you really want it you must put in the work. If you fail at a business venture the first, second, or third time, just like a relationship, there are some things you learn along the way from each of those experiences that you take with you and once you start the new process you will be more knowledgeable. Nobody likes to start over but giving up should not be an option because you may end up in a career that is not fulfilling, or you may live life in regret.


Somebody right now is about to give up on a dream because they feel like it will never come to pass but I want to encourage you to keep pushing and START OVER as many times as you need to. God is going to bless you in ways unimaginable. You just have to keep the FAITH! He wants you to live a life full of faith, purpose, and success.

Dear heavenly father I humbly come to you in prayer, thanking you for life, health, and strength. I think you for keeping me day to day and allowing me to bless the hearts of others with words of encouragement. If there is anybody looking to give up on themselves or are feeling worthlessness, I ask that you heal their hearts and let them know that you are with them every step of the way. I ask that you help build their confidence and self-esteem. I ask that you grant them the desires of their hearts and much more. Place a shield of protection over their minds, bodies, and their souls right now. Stir up the gifts within them so that they touch the lives of others. In Jesus name I humbly pray. AMEN.



Unrazzled Life



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