Unrazzled Talk: I Need You To Focus!


Let’s face it ladies, we all want the fairy tale life. We want the compatible guy who is loyal, we want the great career paying great money, we want the fancy house, and so much more. Today I want to talk to you about “Focus”. How many of you want what’s above but your focus is not on one specific thing, it’s on all thee above?  Do you think you can work towards all three at once and be successful? Are you trying to get that fairy tale life, but nothing seems to be happening the way you want it to?  Maybe it’s because your focus is off. Well let’s chat about it!



 What you want in this life I am most definitely sure you can have that is why I wanted to chat about why as women we need to “Focus”. When I say focus I don’t mean cloud your mind with everything you want in life at once and work towards them all at once, what I mean is: I have these dreams, and goals I want to fulfil so I’ll take the one that is most important and work towards that first. It’s all about prioritizing. Now ladies, I don’t know what your goals are but I will elaborate on my experiences: When I graduated school, I had dreams of going to college and getting my degree in fashion merchandising, securing a job in fashion, buying a home, and then dating. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. I was 17 years old when I started dating this guy. Our relationship was great at first. I was working towards my degree and I was happy. As time went on things occurred in the relationship that threw me completely off track and I quit school. I got pregnant and eventually I had to work to take care of my little one.

I never gave up hope but at the time my dreams seemed so out of reach, so I pushed them to the side to try and make the relationship work. The person I was dating was never really a fan of my dreams because his dreams were not as big, I found this out later during an argument. I ended up going back to college and earning my B.A. but I knew the relationship was over. After 11 years I left the relationship because it was so toxic and after a long period of renewing my mind I am now more focused than ever on my goals.


I recently read that more women today are struggling with success more than men today are because their focus is off. The article I read basically said that women focus on the importance of relationships and feeling valued first while men focus more on material success first then relationships. In many cases I do agree with this because I know some men and women who fall under these categories. But in any event, I think that people should focus on whatever they want first but, focusing on too much at one time is draining.

I’m not telling you ladies that you can’t work on a relationship and build a career at the same time because it can be done. But for a lot of women focusing on one thing at a time is best. A guy was interested in dating me a while back, but I explained to him that I am focused on building my future and he was like, “oh you’re one of those independent females who think they don’t need a man”. That was totally not why I didn’t want to date him. I just have priorities and I have set goals that I want to achieve before I jump back into the dating game. I AM Focused more than ever, and I don’t want to be thrown off track. And who knows, God may send a man to sweep ya girl up, but I think I’ll know when that time comes.


So, how do you feel about prioritizing the things you want in life? Do you think you can focus on everything at once and accomplish them all or no, let me know😊.


Unrazzled Life



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