My name is Marrissia Anderson and I am the founder of “Unrazzled Life”. I started “Unrazzled Life” in hopes to empower women from all walks of life. My life experiences have taught me so many lessons and I feel that it is only right for me to share with other women these lessons I have learned. The obstacles I faced brought on many issues, or as I like to say opponents, that I had to go “toe to toe” with to free myself. Being set free from the battles I struggled with was not easy and I became confused about so many things in my life especially with who I was and that led me to the word “razzled”. The word “razzled” means: “Feeling confused, not functioning properly, and a bit all over the place”. How many women can relate to this? Being confused and suffering with mind battles is never going to get you to a place of peace and once I figured this out I realized that everything I experienced in life began with a thought first and then festered into so much more. Now is the time to UNRAZZLE! Here at “Unrazzled Life” I want to help women unrazzle and find what was once lost. I know there are women out there who are going through the things I have gone through and are looking for a way out. Don’t give up but instead take a swing back at the punches life throws. My faith in God, hard work, and perseverance is why I am here today. Sometimes you may feel like you are all alone and there is nothing or no one that can help you but I am here today to let you know you can change your mindset and fulfill your destiny. We all have that one thing that makes us happy, that one thing we have a passion for, that one thing we feel is out of reach, that long life dream. It’s time to start making those dreams a reality. It’s time to Think, Believe, and Speak positivity over your life!!


Marrissia Anderson,